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Outdoor Wilderness Learning and Survival is an exciting and diverse program encompassing hands-on outdoor educational skills, adventurous activities, team building and individual challenges. O.W.L.S mission is to cultivate a deep understanding of our outdoor surroundings and how we can use those surroundings in a respectful manner. With this philosophy each class has a different focus or theme revolving around survival and primitive skills. We spend each class exploring the wilderness, building shelters, tracking, cooking and eating wild edibles, crafting primitive tools, traps and crafts, practicing various fire by friction techniques, and so much more. We also love our field games, trust games and sensory challenges. Because we do everything from blindfold games to carving knives, students learn to look at wilderness through a different lens; a lens of respect, discovery, curiosity and confidence. We harvest with thanks and only take what we will use. 

O.W.L.S  program offers a safe environment for building trust and awareness within natural surroundings along with primitive skills such as:


fire by friction/fire cooking

shelter building


wild medicinals and edibles

primitive tools and crafts

nature identification

sensory enhancing games

harnessing water

wildlife habitat

animal and tree identification

carving techniques

and much more....

Sessions run once a week for 6 weeks in every season.


Dancing Moon Girls

Dancing Moon Girls is an inspiring nature based group where young women who are coming of age can come to find connection, confidence and awareness.  The start of each bi-weekly class celebrates and honors these young woman by joining together in a group circle. Class progresses with yoga stretches, a lesson embodying our session's theme, practicing primitive skills, wild crafting, making herbal medicines, art projects, cooking healthy foods together, sit spots, poetry and an abundance of other activities. We also have heartfelt  discussions on choosing healthy friendships and constructing safe boundaries and good relationships with people in our lives. We do activities advocating positive self/body image, building trust and awareness with each other and our surroundings and feeling strong and confident.  

Every session has a different theme.

Some of our past themes have been:

Herbs with the Chakras

Herbs with Systems of the Body

Medicine wheel Culture and History

Women in History

Flower Essences

Tree Medicine and Magic

In each session, along with our themed assignments, we come together to learn skills within our natural surroundings such as:



Trust Games






Healthy Relationships

Stoking our Inner Fire

Honoring our Fellow Sisters

Primitive Skills


Sessions run biweekly for sixteen weeks for a total of eight classes. Sessions run in the spring and fall.


Other Classes and Workshops offered

Wild Edibles Walks

Herbal Medicine Workshops

Family Survival Weekends

School/Classroom Visits, Adventure Workshops

Nature Themed Parties

After School Workshops

Homeschool Groups

Adult and Family Workshops

Guided Tours and Walks

Guest Instructor for Camps, Organizations and Companies

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